Sometimes I have a hard time not using ALL the colors…

Hailing from Dalton, Georgia, a.k.a "The Carpet Capital of the World”, Trish Andersen's initial attraction to the process of tufting was a means to reconnect with and explore those carpet roots, but as a fine artist who is "painting with yarn". She has developed a signature for her tufted works that embrace color and texture in a bold and free-flowing manner. 

Operating under the motto of “redefining the ordinary”, Andersen believes that there is no limit to what one can create. Her work as an artist ignites viewer's imaginations, allows them to interact with tactile materials and form lasting memories. Whatever the medium, her work is known for its colorful aesthetic, great attention to detail, and clever use of materials.

Andersen currently splits her time between Brooklyn, NY and Savannah, GA and attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she graduated with a BFA in Fibers.


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